I’m posting this in a hurry to make actually it weekly, didn’t have time to prepare something good but some posts are prepared for soon about monetization, api integration etc, anyway here’s some headlines.


For the fans of the Bubble Tanks series there’s some great news, check out this article and video on Bubble Tanks 3.


Here’s a few games released recently that ¬†you might like.

  • Castle Hero – Another “tossing” game but actually well done, nice graphics and good gameplay.
  • Missing Mechanism – For people that like “The Incredible Machine” kind of games like I do, even though its got physics mixed in it.
  • Moby Dick The Video Game – Not my kind of game but it seems to be having a decent success.


If you’re looking for a comparison between Flash’s Display List and Blitting there are some tests around but here’s a recent one you might have missed, Display List vs. blitting – the results!