This is more like an “every other week update”, sorry for not posting one last week but I was very busy (still am). Here’s a small list of things to note that happened recently.


The much anticipated book “Getting your Flash game sponsored” has been released and can be purchasedĀ here, I’m writing a review on it as we speak so stay tuned, I’ll probably post it tomorrow.


You can vote for your favorite game to enter the race for “The Mochis” here that will be awarded at the Flash Game Summit.


Here’s a few games I came across recently that I think are worth mentioning for reason or another.

  • Hit the Jackpot 3 – Very addicting game, if you haven’t seen it yet go now!
  • SW: The Mary Reed Chronicles – For the people who like the genre this seems really good.
  • Ghost Hacker – A TD with a twist, I really liked the concept even though the genre is not one of my favorites.


There’s a great Postmortem about Pixel Purge with really nice information and details that might be useful for you, read all about it at Porter’s World.


Version 1.5 of FlashPunk as been released:


* Added non-static PERSIST, LOOPING, and ONESHOT Tween types to Tweener class.
* Added Screen.capture() to fetch an Image copy of the current screen buffer.
* Added color, alpha, and thickness parameters to Draw.curve().
* Added Draw.graphic() and Draw.entity() functions.
* Added new AngleTween class for tweening from one angle to another.
* Added target parameter to all Graphics’ render() functions.
* Added drawRect() and shift() functions to Canvas.
* Added shiftTiles() function to Tilemap.
* Added columns and rows properties to Tilemap.
* Added fix for Flash 10.1 memory leak in Image.
* Added static function createCircle() to Image.
* Added clearBefore parameter to Image.updateBuffer().
* Added scaledWidth & scaledHeight properties to Image.
* Added setAnimFrame() to Spritemap.
* Added FP.halfWidth & FP.halfHeight properties.
* Added FP.setCamera(), FP.anchorTo(), FP.rotateAround(), and FP.clampInRect() static helper functions.
* Added renderTarget property to Entity to specify an alternate BitmapData buffer to draw to and updated FlashPunk’s rendering system in all Graphic classes to account for this.
* Added halfWidth, halfHeight, centerX, and centerY properties to Entity.
* Added addGraphic(), setHitboxTo(), and setOrigin() functions to Entity.
* Added moveBy() and moveTo() functions to Entity for movement & collision sweeping (good for fast moving objects).


* Fixed issue in World when Entities are added & removed in the same frame.
* Fixed issue with sounds looping incorrectly after being paused then resumed.
* Fixed Input.mousePressed & Input.mouseReleased conflict when both occur on the same frame.
* Fixed VarTween and MultiVarTween ignoring ease parameter when tweening.
* Renamed several functions in Grid and Tilemap so they’re consistent with each other.
* Made Text’s embedded fonts work for Flex 4.x by default.
* Fixed Canvas.fill() not overwriting alpha.
* Made Engine’s MAX_ELAPSED, MAX_FRAMESKIP, and TICK_RATE into public properties maxElapsed, maxFrameSkip, and tickRate respectively so they can be changed.

Download itĀ here.