Hi everyone, I though today I would start making the “Games” part of the Weekly Update¬†a bit more detailed, pick one game that stands out and comment it a bit more and also give it my personal rating. I don’t know if I’ll turn it into a separate post in the future or if the Weekly Update will turn into Weekly Games, I don’t know but for now this will suffice.

There’s some nice things this week, lets see:

Red Bandana

JetBus has been released and you can play it on many places, here’s a few:

Don’t forget to place your rating, we expect more portals to include the game in the coming week. Also, Red Bandana’s website at the moment is just a homepage and JetBus page but RedBandana is working on a full featured portal that should be up and running early next year or so, you’ll have updates on that.


I don’t know if you’re a fan of Bubble Tanks but I am. This week Hero Interactive revealed the BT3 launch date and also posted a FAQ-like article about the game. I’m excited about it and it seems they’ve worked hard to make the game expandable to keep you playing it for a long time. Read all about it here.


Playtomic has made some changes/improvements to their API and website. If you don’t know Playtomic yet, its an API that allows you to track statistics for your games, add scoreboards, level sharing etc. Its been in beta for quite a while and prices were unknown but this week they’ve announced the prices for when the beta is over, check them out here if you’re interested.


Doodle Devil

Doodle Devil

Doodle Devil is a puzzle-like game developed by Avallon Alliance and is the sequel to the popular Doodle God. First of all I have to admit I didn’t know Doodle God before I found Doodle Devil (I know, I know…). I have mixed feelings about this game, whenever I find a game that gets me addicted but has some annoying things and is missing others I get really angry! First of all I get angry because I wasn’t the one to come up with the idea for the game and second because they didn’t make it all it could be but I guess that can happen with every game.

Anyway, the game is extremely simple but very addicting, I couldn’t put myself to stop until I reached the end. But there are some flaws in it, the biggest one in my opinion is that it will accept combinations you already done before and create the element again which will waste time and close the groups you were working on, this is VERY annoying and in a game so simple I would guess that a simple conditional check wouldn’t be something you’d forget to code. The other thing that was a shame for me was that the “rules” about how to make a better score were not explicit enough, it should be more obvious that the more “bad moves” you make the worse score you’re going to get.

The makers of the game say it will receive updates (I’m hoping this means free expansion packs) but being an “organization freak” like I am I would do everything I can do merge Doodle God and Doodle Devil and then enable it to receive expansion packs. Keeping it all in one big game would be awesome in my opinion but I’m not in their shoes so I don’t know the reasons behind not including Doodle God in this release.

Another thing I missed was that some combinations made sense to me but didn’t work while others didn’t make any sense and worked (human+magic=worm??) but I guess there’s no way around this since every person will have different combination ideas. If it was me I would allow suggestions (kinda like a “level editor”) from players, maybe a section just for this that would submit combinations that would be reviewed and when accepted included into the game.

[gn_table style=”2″]
Graphics 7.5
Sound 7.5
Mechanics 6.5
Gameplay 7.5
Addictiveness 7
Lifespan 8
Originality 8
Intuitiveness 9
Fun 7.5
Features 6.5
Overall 7.5

So to sum it all up, in my opinion this game is one of those “Its got so much potential” game, I still liked it a lot, finished and would play it again but it was a love/hate experience.

All we need is Brain

Oh my god I love this game! Its definitely one of my all time favorite Flash games and I’m currently playing it while writing this and I’m having a lot of fun. Its really great how someone can still take a theme like the zombie one and make a good game out of it. I’m not sure if the mechanics are too similar to any other game out there but I personally can’t think of any game this one reminds me of.

The graphics and animations are really nicely done and the music does an incredible job at setting the mood without becoming annoying. Level design is very good, there’s really an increased difficulty as you advance and I doubt you’ll get stuck in any of the early levels.

Ok I’ve just finished all the 25 levels and its delightful, too bad its a bit short and there’s nothing more to do then try to improve your score but hey, that’s what casual games are all about I guess.

[gn_table style=”2″]
Graphics 9.5
Sound 9.0
Mechanics 8.5
Gameplay 8.5
Addictiveness 9.0
Lifespan 8
Originality 8.5
Intuitiveness 8.5
Fun 9.0
Features 6.5
Overall 8.5

Other games that came out recently: