Ok, its that time of the week and once again here I am with an excuse for not having much to talk about… this time its because I’m writing an extensive review on a piece of software, the review should be up today or tomorrow and there’s still a lot to talk about but enough about that, here’s some stuff that is worth mentioning this week:


8bitrocket is promoting their first ever Game Contest, its called “16K Retro Re-make Contest” which by itself already makes it cool.

Even though I’m a defender of the Flash platform for online games its really cool that 8bitrocket decided to let people submit games made with any tool as long as its playable in a browser, this means Flash, Silverlight, Java, JavaScript, etc. Another cool thing is that being big fans of Atari they decided that as a rule you have to inspire your game in one of the Atari titles.

If you’re interested here’s the link to the contest page.


There are quite a few new games out there, I didn’t have time to try a lot of them but I did try some and these are the 3 that caught my attention:

  • Corporation Inc – Even though I’ve been busy, this game literally grabbed me, I spent a long time playing it while I should be working 😛
  • Amateur Surgeon 2 – I found this game really funny, didn’t have time to play it much but I’m hoping I have a bit of time to.
  • Liquid Measure 2 – Another logical puzzle game, I really like the genre and even though I didn’t play more then 6 levels I can see this one is at least a decent one.

That’s all folks!