You might have noticed I didn’t post the last couple Weekly Updates on Sundays, I’m sorry for that but it has been a busy time and I have been also thinking of changing it to a Weekly Games post.

In the new format, which starts today, I’ll provide links to some new games and review 2 or 3 in more depth. This week we have Bubble Tanks 3, Flight and Insidia along with a few others.

Bubble Tanks 3

Bubble Tanks 3

[gn_table style=”2″]
Categories Rating
Graphics 8.0
Sound 8.0
Mechanics 7.0
Gameplay 7.0
Addictiveness 7.5
Lifespan 6.5
Originality 6.0
Intuitiveness 8.5
Fun 7.5
Features 9.0
Overall 7.5

A lot of fans of the Bubble Tanks series have been waiting for this version me included so it is with some sadness that I say I’m a bit disappointed.

The reasons for that disappointment are quite a few actually and I don’t want to be too lengthy about them so I’ll only describe a few:

First of all the game just feels like version 2, there’s nothing new about the interface or the gameplay and the bubble’s environment, some might argue that you don’t change a winning team but honestly after so much wait I was expecting a bit more then just Bubble Tanks 2 with some weapons. The second reason is probably the biggest one and its that you still don’t have a simple “save game/profile” option, the last update did add a feature to save once you beat the final boss which doesn’t make a lot of sense because you might want to save halfway to go do something else and return later to continue, it seems more like a quick fix to quiet some comments then a solid solution that should have been thought during the development. I honestly don’t understand how can someone developed a game from start to end, publish it and then remember to add a save button. Lastly, the game is short, I know there will be weapon packs, you can create your tanks etc but the game itself takes like 1 hour maximum to get from start to beat the only boss and then you just go from bubble to bubble shooting stuff with no option to progress, that was a real turn off.

That being said the game is still fun (even though short) and apart from a few bugs (opening it and 1 million sounds making you deaf till you refresh the page, crashing once you reach the target number of bubbles to upgrade tank) there are some cool new tanks and weapons that were really well thought of like the beam (shame it lags a lot) and lots more.

Anyway, lets translate all these words into ratings.



[gn_table style=”2″]
Categories Rating
Graphics 9.0
Sound 8.5
Mechanics 8.5
Gameplay 7.5
Addictiveness 8.5
Lifespan 7.5
Originality 7.5
Intuitiveness 7.0
Fun 8.5
Features 8.5
Overall 8.1

This was a good surprise for me, I usually don’t care much for “toss” games since I find there’s no depth in them and they just serve as a 5 minutes game but Flight really got me addicted. At first I was having some issues on finding the best way to toss the paper plane in the best way, I went for the grab and drag the mouse like you were trying to get it through a reinforced steel wall but I quickly found that it didn’t help (it actually resulted in some pretty bad throws) so I understood that the best way was to just swing it gently and release it, the real trick is during the light itself where you can control it (if you have a couple upgrades) and catch stars or cranes to increase speed and stay in the air.

The upgrades really take it to a whole new level, at first you have a hard time flying 100 meters but once you got all upgrades you’ll have a hard time not going beyond 2 kilometers and the achievements keep the game interesting during and after completion.

It was a bit of a shame that I found out some achievements had to be done during the journey through all the places so some of my upgrade choices were really bad and there was no way to go back and do it unless starting a new game.

This is definitely one of the funniest games I’ve playing in a while.



[gn_table style=”2″]
Categories Rating
Graphics 10.0
Sound 9.0
Mechanics 8.0
Gameplay 8.5
Addictiveness 8.0
Lifespan 7.0
Originality 7.0
Intuitiveness 8.5
Fun 8.0
Features 7.0
Overall 8.1

I have to start by saying the I simply love the graphic work on this game, its simple but consistent across the whole game and all game objects, you can tell there’s a well defined concept behind it. Another great thing is that the music and the sounds follow the same concept and create an ambience of mystery that really fits the genre.

What about originality? Well, it doesn’t derive much from most exploration games so it doesn’t really bring any breakthroughs to the genre. However the gameplay is very well done, controls and the usual double-jump and wall-grabbing are very good.

The only negative things I can really find is that the “dark” mood can get a bit depressing after a while and the game could use some kind of achievement system or something to keep it interesting after you finish it, I don’t actually know if Flash exploration games should be rich in re-playability but I personally would like to have more to play.

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