53f448866332e9d536aab994a2bb35ebAnyone that knows me knows that I never ever comment on politics, I find it to be a lost cause because politics is just another word for corruption and its pointless to discuss how things “should be” when in the end ALL politicians will ALWAYS end up doing what is best for themselves and their friends, they don’t even have any shame so I hate wasting time talking about the obvious, I would be ok with hunting them down and beating them senseless but then again others would replace them so again… pointless.

But lately there has been discussion on a subject which just makes me really mad, e-cigs. Basically the EU is saying they want to regulate e-cigs when what they’re actually doing is trying to ban them at the request of the ever so powerful tobacco and pharmaceutical lobbies and suddenly i can’t help picturing the image of a briefcase switching hands, anyway… so I guess I have to point the obvious this time because it is just too blatant.

Here are a few claims they make:

E-cigs are dangerous if kids get their hands on them around the house etc.

Agree 100%, we all know that if you drink a bottle of e-liquid you won’t be happy with the result, nicotine is toxic in high doses if you ingest it. However, I don’t see them going crazy about the dozens of cleaning products people have at home like bleach or various acids. People are responsible for storing their own dangerous substances in their home. And no matter what they do there will always be hazard to kids even from harmless things like a small piece of a toy they can swallow, but they’re not trying to ban toys or bleach, I wonder why.

E-cig liquids have flavours that can be appealing to kids

Oh dear… where to start? I guess it’s ok for the kids to drink strawberry vodka or something like… LEMON DISHWASHER DETERGENT!!! This argument is so stupid that is funny. Another thing that confuses me is who can decide which flavours are appealing to kids? Also let’s say strawberry is a “kid flavour” that means that once you reach a “grown up” age you are not allowed to taste that flavour ever again? Is that a “kid only” flavour now? So grown ups basically are forbidden from liking some flavours. And they want to regulate this on a country basis so you can already imagine the stupidity… “Oh man… I need to order my vanilla liquid from another country because vanilla is illegal here”.

E-cigs have to deliver nicotine consistently

Erm… do they even listen to themselves? There is nothing 100% consistent anywhere certainly not from the “equivalent” pharmaceutical products which have variations of up to 50% on certain temperatures. Again, they’re asking something from e-cigs that they never asked to other products because they know its impossible.

No form of public or private contribution to media with the aim of promoting e-cigs

Well, there goes free speech out the window, basically lets keep these guys quiet otherwise others might listen and stop smoking real cigarettes BUT if its a pharmaceutical nicotine product like those awful chewing gums (that by the way almost made me faint the only time I tried them) then its perfectly ok.

Bottle sizes cannot be higher than 10ml

This one is ok with me since you can still buy more bottles, kind of pointless although I see it can be more harmful if a kid gets his hand on a 30ml bottle instead of a 10ml, not really relevant and probably one of those measures that is there just to ease the demands to the eye.

Bottle labelling and child proofing

This is where they should be working on, researching brands, analysing the contents of the liquids to inform the consumers, making them aware of the risks if any and making it more safe where they need to be even though they never cared before, the most hypocrite thing ever is that they allow tobacco companies to sell a product with over 3000 chemicals some of them cancerous as long as they put “smoking kills” in them… They’re so worried about people’s health when it comes to e-cigs but weirdly they allow tobacco companies to kill people everyday as long as they get the money from the taxes.

Nicotine maximum concentration of 20mg

This one I don’t know, I mean, I started with around 16mg and now I’m at 6mg on my way to 0 probably… I personally feel that 20 is more then enough but then again I cannot speak for every one trying to quit smoking.

Trading inside the EU

There is not much detailing of this one but it seems that countries can decide if they let some products inside or not so basically the free circulation of goods inside the EU does not apply to vaping, another measure to stop the growth of this industry which is threatening the big corporation profits.

All in all I believe this is a blatant attack on the one product that finally is making progress in saving lives by keeping people off cigarettes and they’re all sentencing to death all smokers that are thinking about quiting. Its a shame really, ignorance combined with greed… very dangerous.