My name is Hugo Larcher and I was born in Lisbon on the 2nd of May 1979. I’ve been designing and developing websites and applications since 1999 as a freelancer until 2010 when I started a company called VOID with long time friend Marco Cova.


In web development I have worked as an outsource for some great companies from all over the world and won some prestigious awards including 2 FWA’s. I have also done some print work and other projects but what I’ve always been more comfortable with client side programming and design specially when it comes to Rich Internet Applications and most recently Games.

I have experience in design (Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator), Web Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Backbone, React), iOS Mobile Development (Objective-C and Swift) and a fair knowledge of Typography, 3D, After Effects and PHP.

Past Projects

I used to run 2 websites which achieved reasonable success, and or ITA was a non-profitable website with the purpose of recognising the best projects on the web. It started with very simple goals but quickly escalated to one the top award websites, driving thousands of visits to winners everyday. was more of a small personal project which consisted of a online flash store to sell my pixel fonts, making fonts at that time was more of a hobby so I never really took it seriously when it came to making money from it.I was surprised by the amount of sales it got and even from some fans I made which would buy every new font I released.

Present Projects

VOID is my software company and has a great team of talented developers with different profiles.

Unscope is the fun / experimental sister company of VOID. It’s mostly dedicated to a long time love of ours for games and to every crazy idea that puts a smile on our face.